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To what end….

So I guess a brief summary for reference can be in order…..My entire life I have been obsessed with music.  I love music, i can listen to music 24 hours a day, talk about it…i just have a profound appreciation for its power…anyways…..I have worked in manufacturing sector most of my career.  I am very intelligent and well educated which has enabled me to rather quickly move up in several manufacturing companies…as well as my history as a combat Vet.  I am at the point in my career however where I realize that as much as I dream to be free and living my ideal life….I see that my current career path, and hobbies will not get me there.  I don’t want to wear a nice shirt and slacks to work, I don’t want other people to be “working under me”…..management just does not excite me.  I am a good manager because I am very people oriented and honestly care about people’s feelings in the work world.  This trait makes me however unpopular with “Corporate” style because I am “too nice and lenient” even though, happy workers who enjoy their job and have some freaking personal freedom in the workplace WORK MORE EFFECTIVELY!!!!  But Corporate America has their heads so far up their own asses, that will never be fixed…..ANYWAYS….my point is that my life’s goal would be to live in a small cottage on a large plot of land in Vermont and spend my time crafting something high quality out of wood or something.  Then I can build something with my hands all day, make some money just for basics, and be able to spend all my free time outside hiking w/my wife and dog.  I find myself loving my television, and record collection, and gaming stuff….but to what end…..I think its holding me back.  If I want to truly be free and live on my own, making something simple to sell for some income, growing our own food, and basically not being a menace to the environment…I need less “stuff”.  I really feel like just selling all of my possessions to pay for a small place in the woods in cash and be done with it. ….I love technology…..but I hate that it tears my attention away from the forests, the land, building things with 2 hands……Tough decisions…..its a difficult thought to drop out of a good job for something completely unknown, but I know other people have done and succeeded at it….If want it bad enough, I suppose that’s really all one needs.