Record Store Day 2014!!!!

Wow my wife was kind enough to indulge my insanity and slept outside a local record store with me last night to make sure we got everything we wanted…(really we! because she actually wanted one of the albums very badly).  We came away cold, exhausted, but with almost everything we came for.  Interesting conversations all night long with two brothers who camped out right behind us.  The records included: Cake’s box set of every studio/bside/live album…!!!! FUCKING AMAZING, can’t wait to listen to this tonight back to back.  (Cake’s who my wife also loves)  Also picked up the Dave Matthews Band live album  which was amazingly good and was OLD! 1996 when i was younger and really into them…super sound.  An Allman Brothers live album which also sounded absolutely stunning, i’ll be running the grooves on that one until they are flat.  Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes live album which sounded fucking awesome.  And finally the set i’m listening to right as I type this…the LCD Soundsystem Farewell concert 5lp set….it s actually blowing me away right now!   I’ll put up a more in depth review and some pictures later after i’m finished with this audio bliss! 🙂

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